As an extension of your office, we answer your residents’ calls immediately, resolve common maintenance issues over the phone using our comprehensive process, and dispatch your vendors for service only when it’s truly an emergency. Finally, we follow up with residents and vendors, keeping you informed every step of the way. You choose the service plan that gives you the coverage you want, whether it’s nights, weekends and holidays, or all day, every day.


Our timely, professional service to your residents lets you disconnect from 24/7 maintenance stress so you can enjoy the things and people important to you. No more being on call 24/7, interrupting your personal life, or staying within 30 minutes of the properties you manage. Our highly-trained representatives follow your specific guidelines and dispatch your approved vendors, only when needed. We often resolve issues over the phone, keeping your maintenance costs low… and your residents happy.


SuperTenders is not just a call center or an answering service. We understand rental property and association management, we are knowledgeable in building maintenance and troubleshoot issues to avoid costly service calls, and we focus on resident safety and preserving property. Trust our representatives to respond to tenant calls immediately, and act in the best interest of your company.

“The stress level in my office has decreased considerably, allowing us to have more energy to go out and get more business.”

– Tripp W., Jacksonville, FL

“This service has been outstanding. Life is so much better not being “on-call” 24hrs a day.”

– Danielle G.Napa, CA

“For the first time in over 20 years I don’t have to worry about late night – middle of the night phone calls. Soooo nice!!! Appreciate the ability to check call logs as well as know results of calls you have received.”

– Pamela Call-Morris, Spokane, WA

“I can say with all honesty that you guys are well-trained in this business. Thank you for remaining calm and level-headed in the face of what can be an explosive situation. You make my job as the maintenance supervisor so much easier when I don’t have to step into a whirlwind of chaos the next morning.”

– Matt B.

“This service is worth its weight in gold. Thank you.”

– Leila L.Fresno, CA

“Thank you for the great job you guys are doing. It was really nice not having to worry about anything this Christmas! It was my first time in 5 years that I was off!”

– Michelle Q.Greeley, CO

“You have been a breath of fresh air and provided much needed relief for my property managers.”

– Steve F.San Antonio, TX

“I really appreciate your thoroughness and ability to determine non-emergencies!”

– Anonymous

“Your staff is highly professional and extremely well trained. We are proud to work with them.”

– Mike C.Orange Park, FL

“Staff members are happier, and we are no longer responding to calls that are not emergencies that tenants used to talk us into. You are really good at determining what is an actual emergency and keeping tenants happy.”

– Clint C.Idaho Falls, ID

“It is such a relief to me and my staff to have our nights, weekends and holidays free from worry of emergency service calls. Made even easier by the quality service that you provide not only to us but to our tenants. The ability to have these calls handled by our own vendors is priceless; they are a very important part of our team. THANKS!” 

– Denny S.Colorado Springs, CO

“I have found staff to be very easy to deal with. Amazing how well they can use and know our policies, it is as if we have an extra maintenance coordinator now.”

– Bart S. Austin, TX

“It gives me such peace of mind knowing all my after-hours calls are being dealt with professionally and expeditiously. I love the notes and how detailed they are, and the fact that issues are followed through until the very end.”

– Chrystyna R.Bremerton, WA